HX Prospect

HX would create a domestic powder metallurgy brand in 3 years. HX determined to act by the "honest and trustworthy, self-discipline and social commitment,and innovative" to provide and offer good quality and service to the customus better performance, better quality of metal materials.

HX History

April 2012, HX was founded.

June 2012, HX takes two months to produce low gas chromium powder in bulk, the impurity level could controled the level that is close to raw material to fulfill the requirements of customers who are in high-end target and plasma spraying industry.

October 2012, HX introduced the advanced vacuum equipment and installation was successful, to produce high temperature alloy, getter and multivariate series alloys.

February 2013, Technical innovation, Ti powder by maching process replaced hydrogenation powder, it can save more than RMB 7K /ton and the quality can reach the additive standard.

May 2013, The capacity of titanium powder reached 50 tonnes per month and its market share is gradually increasing.

October 2013, Nitriding furnace and sintering furnace were instaled successfully, the market share rate of nitride and carbide series products occupied the domestic market quickly, strongthen HX brand in domestic market.

March 2014, Introduced the vaccum equipment and technical processing to produce zirconium powder at the request of the military enterprise,to produce zirconium powder of military combustion agent and ordinary product powder.

October 2014, Boride series and silicide series compound products were successfully R&D and produced independently.

May 2015, Mini-tablets of Ti and Cr were produced overall.

October 2015, Top management determined to strongthen and introduce high-end technical talents to guide HXs operation development. 

December 2015,Titanium addtive titanium powder production technology increasingly improved ,quality standard reached the international advanced level.The capacity reached new altitude.

June 2016,We concentrate on explore the oversea market ,A number of products customers start to try out.HX have been known to foreign customers.

On March 1, 2021, Haixin put 5 tonnage intermediate frequency furnaces and several automatic crushing and screening production lines to produce zirconium ferroalloy. With large supply and low price, Haixin has signed long-term supply contracts with several magnetic material manufacturers.

On July 1, 2021, after 6 months of research and development, Haixin officially put zirconium boride and titanium boride into production by carbothermal reduction. The process is environmentally friendly, the alloying degree is high, the particle size distribution is uniform, the oxygen content is low and the impurities are low.

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