The research group successfully held the 4th International 2D Transition Metal Carbides (MXene2022) Academic Conference

From August 6th to 8th, 2022, Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. participated in the "Fourth International 2D Transition Metal Carbides Academic Conference (MXene2022)" hosted by Southeast University and organized by the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Southeast University, held at the Yangtze River International Conference Center in Nanjing. The topics of this forum involve various fields of current MXene material research, mainly including the synthesis, preparation, characterization, structure and performance research of MAX phase and its derivative MXene materials, as well as their applications in energy storage, catalysis, environmental protection, biology, medicine, optoelectronics, absorption, and other fields. Nearly 400 experts and scholars from various universities, research institutes, and enterprise units across the country attended the meeting to exchange the latest progress of MXene in basic research and application, explore the development trends of MXene, promote relevant scientific researchers' understanding of the cutting-edge development of MXene in various directions, deepen communication, promote mutual assistance and cooperation, and explore new research ideas. The successful holding of this conference has built a good academic exchange platform for our company, promoting our communication and cooperation with our domestic and foreign counterparts.