Al4C3 Aluminum Carbide Powder
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Al4C3 Aluminum Carbide Powder

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Al4C3 Aluminum Carbide Powder

Aluminium carbide
Chemical formula Al4C3
Molecular weight 143.96 CAS
Appearance and properties: yellow or greenish-gray crystals or powder, hygroscopic.
Melting point (℃) : 2100
Relative density (water =1) : 2.36
Boiling point (℃) : 2200 (decomposition)
Solubility: insoluble in acetone

Used in metallurgy as catalyst and methane production.
Aluminum carbide is often used as an additive to enhance the strength of three aluminum base materials (al-Si-ALC, al-AlTI-ALC). In addition, AlC is an important compound in the field of metal-aluminum industry technology. It is used for reducing metal oxides in the metallurgical industry, chemical reaction catalysts in the chemical industry, and advanced ceramic materials such as high temperature, cutting and mould in the ceramic industry. As an ionic compound, carbon atoms exist in a separate C form in the lattice structure of AlC. C has a strong alkalinity and produces methane through C+4H→CH during hydrolysis, so AlC also ACTS as a methane generator and desiccant. At the same time, the rhombohedron of AlC is an alternate stacked structure of AlC and AlC slices. It is this unique structure that makes one-dimensional AlC nanowires a potential cold electron emitter.

1) aluminum nitride powder is prepared based on aluminum carbide, including :(a) an appropriate amount of micron aluminum powder and micron carbon powder are uniformly mixed, heated to a predetermined temperature in an inert atmosphere, held for a period of time, and then reacted to produce aluminum carbide; (b) Heat aluminum carbide to a predetermined temperature in flowing ammonia gas or nitrogen gas and hold it for a period of time, and react with ammonia gas or nitrogen gas to form aluminum nitride in a high temperature environment. Through the invention, aluminum nitride powder can be prepared at a relatively low temperature, with high purity, small particle size and uniform particle size distribution, high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal and mechanical properties, which can be widely used in the field of integrated circuit substrate materials.
An aluminum carbide nanoribbon was prepared. The crucible with aluminum-silicon alloy is placed in the furnace, the furnace door is closed and the furnace is vacuumed to 50Pa~10-3Pa, then the protective gas is filled with argon, and the temperature is heated to 700℃~1600℃ for 1-20 hours, then the crucible is naturally cooled to normal temperature, and many yellow aluminum carbide nanoribbons are generated on the surface of the alloy and the inner wall of the graphite crucible. The aluminum carbide nanoribons prepared by the invention are thin in thickness and have few impurities; The length of the aluminum carbide nanoribons is several millimeters. The cost of growing aluminum carbide nanoribbons is very low. No environmental pollution, simple preparation equipment.

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