Ca3N2 Calcium Nitride Powder
  • Ca3N2 Calcium Nitride PowderCa3N2 Calcium Nitride Powder

Ca3N2 Calcium Nitride Powder

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Ca3N2 Calcium Nitride Powder

Calcium nitride, chemical formula Ca3N2, CAS: 12013-82-0, density: 2.670 g/cm3, appearance: red brown crystal
Molar mass: 148.25 g·mol-1, melting point: 1195℃, water solubility: hydrolysis. Calcium nitride is very active and breaks down when it is in the air. It reacts violently with water to form calcium hydroxide and ammonia, which has a pungent taste.
1. Calcium nitride is mainly used as a chemical reagent and is the main raw material of phosphors. 2. Can also be used as carbide, diamond tools, cermets, high temperature alloy additives.
3. Calcium nitride has high temperature resistance, impact resistance, good thermal conductivity and other excellent properties, widely used in the electronics industry, ceramic industry and other fields.

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