CaB6 Calcium Boride Powder
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CaB6 Calcium Boride Powder

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Product Description

CaB6 Calcium Boride Powder

There are many compounds among B-CA, but the common and relatively stable one is CaB6. Therefore, calcium boride mainly refers to calcium CaB6.

The common structure of hexboron compounds is CsCl structure. The difference is that B6 octahedron takes the place of Cs. Due to the strong covalent bond between B-B, it has the characteristics of high melting point and high hardness. Its physical and chemical properties are quite stable, in air calcination, CaB6 of sub-micron grade will appear after 800 degrees Celsius heat gain, not easy to oxidation, CaB6 is generally insoluble in hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, so technically to remove impurities by hydrochloric acid, but CaB6 is soluble in nitric aci.

Physical and chemical index editing
1. Calcium hexaboride is a black gray powder or particle. Melting point 2230℃, relative density 2.33g/cm, insoluble in water at 15℃ room temperature.
2. Silicon boride is a glossy black-gray powder with a relative density of 3.0g/cm and a melting point of 2200℃. Its grinding efficiency is higher than that of boron carbide and silicon carbide. It has high strength and stability especially under thermal shock.

Main Purpose editor
1. Used as a boron additive for oxidation resistance, erosion resistance and thermal strength enhancement of dolomite and magnesia dolomite refractories.
2. Used as deoxidizing degassing agent for high conductive copper to improve conductivity and strength.
3. Used as a new neutron proof material in nuclear industry.
4. New semiconductor materials used in spintronic assemblies with a temperature of 900K.
5. Used as boron alloy cast iron desulfurization and deoxidization boron-increasing agent.
6. Used as a desulfurizing, deoxidizing and boron-increasing agent for boron steel.
7. Used as deoxidizer for metal smelting.

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