CoB Cobalt Boride Powder
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CoB Cobalt Boride Powder

Haixin is one of the leading and professional CoB cobalt boride powder manufacturers in China. Providing you with good after-sales service and quick delivery, we warmly welcome you to high quality CoB cobalt boride powder at the most competitive price with us.

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Product Description

CoB Cobalt Boride Powder

English name: Cobalt Boride
CAS: 12006-77-8
EINECS: 235-722-7
Melting point: 1460 ° C
Density: 7.250
Chemical formula: CoB
Molecular weight: 69.74
Prismatic rhombic crystal. It's very magnetic. Dissolve in nitric acid and aqua regia. It dissolves in water.
Use: as catalyst.

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