CoB Cobalt Boride Powder
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CoB Cobalt Boride Powder

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Product Description

CoB Cobalt Boride Powder

Chinese Name: cobalt borate
English Name: cobalt border
Chemical formula: cob
Melting point: 1460 ° C
Density: 7.250
Color: Black Gray
Appearance: gray black powder
Density: 8.1G /cm3
Molecular weight: 69.74
EINECS No.: 235-722-7
1. Amorphous Co-B is a new type of material with short-range order and long-range

disorder structure, which belongs to metastable state in thermodynamics. At present, 

Co-B powder has been widely used as catalyst for hydrogenation reaction and on-site

hydrogen production reaction because of its good catalytic activity, hydrogenation

activity and hydrogenolysis activity. The carrier can disperse the catalyst components 

on the surface of the carrier, obtain a higher specific surface area, and improve the 

catalytic efficiency of active components per unit mass. Therefore, on the one hand, 

the carrier needs to have appropriate shape and mechanical strength, on the other 

hand, it also needs to have good inertia, that is, the carrier cannot react with the catalyst 

or raw materials. Obviously, using crystalline Co-B powder with porous structure as the

support of amorphous Co-B catalyst has more advantages in chemical compatibility than

other supports.
2. Bismuth vanadate film photoelectric anode modified by cobalt borate is used for 

Photoelectrochemical decomposition of water The photocurrent of bismuth vanadate film

photoanode modified by cobalt borate is 23 times higher than that of single BiVO film
3. Cobalt borate (co2b) can be used as a catalyst for sodium borohydride to generate 

hydrogen in proton exchange membrane fuel cells.
4. It can be used for high corrosion resistance and wear resistance coating on the surface

of metal parts.
Production process:
1. A new method for preparing crystalline transition metal boride cob by solid-state reaction

of cobalt oxide or hydroxide and boron hydride. The method of the invention: after the 

oxide or hydroxide of cobalt and boron hydride are mixed evenly according to the molar 

ratio of 1:1-1:1.5, the tablet is pressed under the pressure of 15-20mpa, and the insulation

is maintained for 6-24h under the protection of 400-800 degrees argon, and then it is

slowly cooled to room temperature; The obtained product is fully washed with deionized 

water and ethanol and vacuum dried to obtain the product cob.
2. After mixing element boron and element cobalt in proportion, it is formed under pressure

and heated in a heating furnace.
Packaging and storage: sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment, not exposed to 

the air, so as to prevent oxidative agglomeration caused by moisture, which will affect the

dispersion performance and use effect

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