CrAl Chromium Aluminum Alloy
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CrAl Chromium Aluminum Alloy

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CrAl Chromium Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum chromium alloy CrAl
As a kind of high temperature and corrosion resistant material, aluminum chromium alloy powder CrAl is widely used in surface coating, metal coating and other fields of high temperature alloy, ceramics, etc. By changing the micro morphology and composition ratio of the material, it can be used as shielding material, absorbing material, camouflage material and widely used in aerospace, military and other high-tech fields.
Aluminum chromium alloy CrAl is also an important electrothermal alloy. Due to the large amount of Cr and Al in the composition, dense oxide film will be formed on the surface of the alloy at high temperature, which will extend the service life of the alloy materials. The high Al content can also improve the resistivity, effectively convert electric energy into heat energy, and save electric heating materials.
Aluminum chromium alloy CrAl has high temperature oxidation resistance and high resistivity, which can be widely used in high temperature gas filtration, burners and gas seals.

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