HfC Hafnium Carbide Powder  Mo2C
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HfC Hafnium Carbide Powder Mo2C

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Product Description

HfC Hafnium Carbide Powder

Product introduction:
HfC hafnium carbide powder materials, chemical formula HfC, sodium chloride cubic crystal system, colored powder, melting point 3890 ℃, the theory of density of 12.7 g/cm3, the thermal conductivity of 6.28 (W) (m. K - 1) (20 ℃), volume resistivity, Ω 1.95 x 10-4 cm (2900 ℃), thermal expansion coefficient 6.73 x 10-6 / ℃, the resistivity of 40 ~ 50 / mu Ω cm, modulus of elasticity of 35.9 x 103 mpa, compression strength of 1380 mpa.
Product features:
Hafnium carbide powder materials with HfC have high elasticity coefficient, good electrical and thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient and good impact resistance, and can form solid solution with many compounds (such as ZrC, TaC, NbC, etc.).
HfC hafnium carbide powder materials with high surface activity, high surface energy, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, high strength, high hardness, good thermal conductivity, good high temperature strength, good toughness and is a kind of high melting point, high strength, good corrosion resistance of high temperature structural materials, and has a high efficient absorption of visible light, reflecting the characteristics of infrared and energy storage heat storage.
1. Can be used as an additive of cemented carbide, widely used in the field of cutting tools and molds;
2. Applicable to the material of rocket nozzles, which can be used in the nose cone of rockets, in the aerospace field, as well as the nozzle, high-temperature resistant lining, arc or electrolytic electrode;
3. Used for nuclear reactor control rods.

Product Application Case:1 HfC hafnium carbide powder material as additive added to the solid rocket motor throat lining material due to carbon/carbon composites is superior than other materials of high temperature thermal physical and mechanical properties, is a solid rocket motor nozzle throat lining material in engine working process, carbon/carbon composites throat lining under the bad thermal environment, type surface under high temperature and high pressure in high speed and heat flow scouring ablation containing corrosive particles will be destroyed, rough surface appearance to the throat diameter expanding irregular and so on, which affect the engine working pressure, results in the decrease of nozzle efficiencyA type weapon system from 8% to 10% of the nozzle throat lining carbon matrix to join HfC hafnium carbide powder materials, HfC - of ablative performance of C/C composites can be improved a lot of HfC hafnium carbide powder materials of HfC - C/C composites throat lining ablation resistance contribution mainly has two aspects: (1) due to the ablation temperatures in 3500, HfC hafnium carbide powder material in high temperature in the process of ablation priority react with oxygen to form the HfO2, effectively prevent the aerobic atmosphere for the oxidation of carbon matrix and carbon fiber in composite materials;(2) because HfC hafnium carbide powder material has high strength and hardness, and effectively improve the whole mechanical abrasion erosion resistance of materials, makes the gas type within the throat lining on the mechanical erosion effectively inhibit obviously, HfC - of ablative performance of C/C composites increase with the increase of content of HfC, the experimental results show that when the content of HfC reached 8% - 10%, HfC - C/C composites linear ablation rate of the throat lining will be the stability of approximate constant ablation stage,Under the test condition of solid rocket engine, the integral throat lining of HFC-C /C composite material has good ablative performance of 2, 1 atomic hafnium carbide and 4 atomic tantalum carbide. The compound carbide of tantalum and hafnium carbide consists of 4TaC·HfC. The heat resistance of 4TaC·HfC is tested by using laser heating technology, and the melting point reaches 4215 ° CIs a kind of high melting point compounds and composite ceramic materials, the United States, a research firm used in the thermal protection system of high-speed vehicle, to heat has strong resistance ability, able to withstand and resist the harsh environment of high temperature, also can be used as a nuclear reactor fuel cladding overheating environment in the air caused by friction heat including when goes faster than the speed of more than Mach 5, will produce very high temperaturesBecause 4 tac, HfC material to withstand and resist the harsh environment of high temperature, pave the way for the development of the next generation of supersonic aircraft, the material means new ship may be faster than ever before, 4 tac HfC material application in supersonic aircraft, aircraft nose, in the process of flight has to absorb the external parts of maximum friction edge, etc., make the speed more than 5 Mach 3 spacecraft manned possibleHfC hafnium carbide powder material is made of nuclear reactor control rod and the protection of important functional materials, is an important material, atomic energy industry as a rocket propulsion, especially suitable for the rocket nozzle rocket nozzle throat materials re-entry space rocket nose cone parts contain hafnium carbide alloy can make the rocket nozzle and gliding re-entry vehicle front cover 4 HfC hafnium carbide powder materials due to their high hardness and melting point, as additive, used in cemented carbide cutting tool metal ceramic cutting tools high temperature structural materials of powder metallurgy products high temperature resistant coating materials;Hf-Ta alloy with hafnium carbide can be used to manufacture tool steel and resistance materials.The addition of hafnium carbide in heat resistant alloys, such as the addition of hafnium carbide in tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum alloys, can improve the hardness, strength, ablative performance and high temperature resistance of the materials.Due to its high melting point, 5 HfC hafnium carbide powder material can be used as deoxidizer in the steelmaking industry as an additive, which can greatly improve the quality of steel.In the electrical industry is the manufacture of X-ray tube microwave tube cathode materials.

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