Mg3N2 Magnesium Nitride Powder
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Mg3N2 Magnesium Nitride Powder

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Mg3N2 Magnesium Nitride Powder

The molecular formula of magnesium nitride is Mg3N2 and the molecular weight is 100.9494. CAS: 12057-71-5
EINECS: 235-022-1 Melting point: 800℃, boiling point: 700℃, greenish yellow powder or block, relative density is 2.712, 800℃ decomposition, 700℃ in vacuum sublimation, magnesium nitrided as an ionic compound, rapid hydrolysis in water. Soluble in acids, insoluble in ethanol, magnesium nitride, like many metal nitrides, reacts with water to produce ammonia.
Magnesium nitride is widely used. Magnesium nitride is an indispensable sintering assistant in the solid reaction of boron nitride and silicon nitride ceramics with high hardness, high thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Magnesium nitride plays an important role in the recovery of nuclear fuel, the purification of magnesium alloy melt and the catalysis of hBN reaction. In addition, Mg3N2 as an additive can effectively desulfurize and increase alum, so as to improve the density, strength, tensile force and bearing capacity of steel.
It has a wide range of applications; Magnesium nitride can be used as:
1. Prepare nitride of other elements with high hardness, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance;
2. Prepare special ceramic materials;
3. Foaming agent for making special alloy;
4. Used for making special glass;
5. Catalytic polymer crosslinking;
6. Recycling of nuclear waste;
7. Catalysts for synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride;
8. Additives for high strength steel smelting, etc.
9. Magnesium nitride Mg3N2.(Vacuum package)
10. USES of Mg3N2 as an additive:

(1) nitride magnesium (Mg3N2) alternative construction in steel smelting magnesium desulfurization, favorable to improve the density of steel tensile strength and endurance, increase material internal alum (Vitriol) content, reached the standard of the Chinese government put forward the quality construction of steel (2) using magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) desulfurization, can reduce other additives, which helps to reduce the production cost of construction steel in our country is now in the products of steel factory, the average cost per ton lower RMB 300-450 yuan ($36.3-54.5) application:1. Magnesium and magnesium alloy is the lightest metal structure material in engineering application, the deformation of the plastic forming technology of magnesium alloys in recent years has become the world's magnesium industry important research field of magnesium alloy in the future of the energy shortage will occupy more important position at present, magnesium alloy in aerospace automobile electronics building industry and daily life is indispensable important material but magnesium alloy in the widely used at the same time it still has its weakness, such as low hardness, strength, and melting point is lower than common metals such as steel how to improve the ability of plastic forming of magnesium alloy has become the research of magnesium alloysHot, therefore, seeking a good hardness, strength, but also has high specific strength and specific stiffness, has important academic and industrial application value (2) in recent years, along with the development of high-end its mechanical and electrical products production requirements, on the mechanical properties of magnesium alloy to need to further improve, with particulate reinforced magnesium matrix alloy material can exert magnesium alloy matrix at the same time and enhance the benefit of phase, significantly improve the strength of the magnesium alloy with elastic modulus of hardness and wear resistance and particulate reinforced magnesium matrix alloy material because of its low cost, strengthRigidity is high, in the field of modern industrial production, such as advanced manufacturing, have broad application prospects (3) based on the above purpose, using non-toxic pollution-free is added in the magnesium alloy magnesium - nitride nanotubes particles to enhance the strength of the magnesium alloy materials, good toughness and hardness, at the same time, to effectively improve conductive and heat conduction performance of magnesium alloy substrate material chemical composition and quality score is: magnesium Mg: 90-98, the remaining ingredients for aluminium Al for patent, to improve the performance of magnesium alloy in our country's existing magnesium alloy in the patent 200880017616.2, by adding indium scandiumYttrium and other precious metals and 2-3% of rare earth metals, smelting finished sample grain size less than or equal to 3 microns, the invention adds more precious metal elements content = high, high manufacturing costs in the patent 201210324168.9, select capable of improving the Mg alloy amorphous formation (Er, Cu, Ag) as alloying elements, selects the common casting and hot extrusion method preparation of the alloy material, and after casting and extrusion for magnesium alloy with the above alloys have the rare metal addition, although can improve ductility of magnesium alloy materialsHardness and abrasion resistance, but increased the magnesium alloy smelting cost, at the same time, to achieve higher strength and abrasion resistance, need to be further in-depth study CN201610474622.7 proposes a processing process stable low-cost non-polluting emissions can be under the condition of conventional smelting production of magnesium - nitride carbon nanotubes preparation of particulate reinforced magnesium matrix alloy, magnesium alloy material with a more traditional strength toughness of hardness and wear resistance increased greatly, therefore, by adding magnesium - nitride carbon nanotubes particle reaction enhancement purpose to the mechanical properties of magnesium alloy materials.

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