MnSi Manganese Silicide
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MnSi Manganese Silicide

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Product Description

MnSi Manganese Silicide

Chinese name: manganese silicide

Molecular formula: MnSi2

English name: manganese disability

Density: 5.24g/mL

Properties: soluble in hydrofluoric acid and alkali, insoluble in water, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Inorganic compound, grey octahedral crystal

Synthesis method: put 2g (0.036mol) manganese, 2g (0.071mol) silicon and 10g (0.16mol) copper into a 10mL Al2O3 crucible in small pieces, and put them into a quartz ampoule with one end open. After evacuation and sealing, place the ampoule in a carbon silicon rod high temperature furnace. Raise the temperature to 1200 ℃ within 12h, and then cool it to 500 ℃ at the rate of 10 ℃/h. Take out the ampoule, cool it, and insert it into a rubber tube with a large diameter. Break the ampoule so that the metal ingot can be safely taken out. Dissolve the Cu Mn Si base block rich in copper in 8mol/L nitric acid, and octahedral crystals will remain. Wash these crystals with water and dry them, and MnSi2 crystals with edges up to 2mm can be obtained.

Application: Manganese silicide is a kind of transition metal silicide and a kind of refractory intermetallic compound. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, it has been successfully applied to complementary metal oxide semiconductor components, film coatings, block structure components, electric heating elements, thermoelectric materials, photovoltaic materials and other fields. Manganese silicide (MnSi1.7) is composed of abundant elements with excellent thermal and chemical stability, so it is considered as a thermoelectric conversion material by the industry. Its physical and chemical properties have been successfully applied to Cmos elements, thin film coatings, bulk structure elements, heating elements, thermoelectric materials and photovoltaic materials. Its nano materials show more special electrical, optical, magnetic and thermoelectric properties, and even have potential application value in the field of catalysis. Manganese silicide thermoelectric conversion materials are used to show that the output index power factor reaches 2.4MW/K2m, which is about twice of the original. It is expected that the waste heat of engines and industrial kilns can be discharged by using materials, such as high power thermoelectric modules that convert heat into electrical energy at 300~700 ℃. However, metallurgical methods or traditional physical preparation methods such as this method cannot meet the requirements for the preparation of transition metal silicide nanomaterials. However, the manganese silicide prepared by Haixin has the characteristics of high alloying degree, pure metal technology, high purity and low impurities. On December 1, 2016, Tohoku University of Japan announced the use of manganese silicide thermoelectric conversion materials. Therefore, the power factor representing the output index reached 2.4MW/K2m, about twice the original power factor. The use of materials is expected to realize the high power thermoelectric power generation module that the waste heat of 300~700 ℃ discharged by engines and industrial kilns can convert the unused heat into electrical energy.

Storage and transportation: keep the container sealed, put it in a tight container, and store it in a cool, dry place

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