MoB2 Molybdenum Boride Powder
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MoB2 Molybdenum Boride Powder

Haixin is one of the leading and professional MoB2 molybdenum boride powder manufacturers in China. Providing you with good after-sales service and quick delivery, we warmly welcome you to high quality MoB2 molybdenum boride powder at the most competitive price with us.

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MoB2 Molybdenum Boride Powder

MoB2 = 106.75
There are two crystal types: -Mob
Tetragonal crystal, relative density 8.77
-Mob: Rhombic crystal, unstable at room temperature
Stable above 2000℃
Relative density 10.1
Melting point is 2180 ℃

Widely used in metal welding industry.
Molybdenum boride has high hardness and low relative friction coefficient, chemical stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, the material is used in sliding friction surface, plays a wear reduction role. The melting point of molybdenum boride is 2600℃, and it can be used as high-temperature spray coating. Special alloys with good wear resistance, resistance to oxidation, resistance to temperature, can be used in ceram, wear resistant coating, high temperature resistance, crucible lining, filling spray plating and corrosion resistance chemical equipment. Transition metal boride is a potential substitute for traditional hard alloy and superhard material in technical applications. With the progress of science and technology, the application field of molybdenum boride compounds will be further expanded, and this material will show more excellent application value and huge market prospect.

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