NbB2 Niobium Boride Powder
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NbB2 Niobium Boride Powder

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Product Description

NbB2 Niobium Boride Powder

Niobium boride, gray hexagonal crystal
It's called Niobium Boride
The formula is B2Nb
Relative density 7.00
The lattice constant A = 0.310nm
Melting point is 3000 ℃
Hardness is 2600 kg/was
The molecular weight is 103.7174

Niobium boride is a gray hexagonal crystal, which is mainly used in fine ceramics and superconducting materials. Among superconducting materials, only NbB has high superconducting transition temperature performance. At the same time, niobium diboride is the raw material of gold brazing, brazing and refractory metal NbN brazing connection, good wettability and spread, good flux, strong seam filling ability, high temperature weld strength.

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