NbN Niobium Nitride powder
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NbN Niobium Nitride powder

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Product Description

Product name: niobium nitride



Chemical formula: NbN

Purity: ≥ 99.5%

Crystal: cubic

Color: black

Relative density: 8.47

Molecular weight: 106.913

Melting point: 2300 ℃; Generation heat - 237 8kj/mol

Mohs hardness: 8

Microhardness: 14. 3GPa

Resistivity: Its superconducting transition critical temperature is 15 6K。

Water solubility: insoluble in concentrated acid solution dissolved in and, also soluble in hot alkali or high concentration alkali liquor, and release ammonia. When heated to 500~800 ℃ in air, niobium pentoxide is generated and nitrogen is released.

Synthesis process:

The crushed niobium metal is sent to the nitriding furnace with niobium metal and nitrogen as raw materials, and nitrogen or ammonia gas is introduced to react at 700 to 1100 ° C to directly synthesize niobium nitride.


1. It can be used as an additive for cemented carbide and can also be used to produce high-purity niobium. When heated to 500~800 ℃ in air, niobium pentoxide is generated and nitrogen is released. In vacuum, niobium nitride is decomposed into niobium metal. Niobium nitride and titanium carbide, zirconium carbide, vanadium carbide, tantalum carbide can form solid solutions.

2. Niobium nitride is a popular superconducting material, because its "critical temperature" is relatively high in terms of its "shape", and the superconducting critical temperature is 17.3K. The upper critical magnetic field is 43T. Critical current density Jc, (4.2K, 20T) up to 2 × 106A/cm2。 It has high thermal and chemical stability and is resistant to neutron irradiation. It is an excellent superconducting thin film material. The critical temperature is the transition point from ordinary metal to superconductor. However, like most superconductors, the critical temperature is lower when depositing thin films on nano devices. The superconducting material niobium nitride (two-dimensional crystalline layer) was added to the nitride semiconductor substrate, and the niobium nitride NbNx film was directly grown on the AlN layer. When the temperature is about 16 degrees above absolute zero, niobium nitride can become a superconducting material.

3. It is used to make highly stable superconducting quantum instrument devices.

Packaging and storage: This product is packed in inert gas filled plastic bags, sealed and stored in a dry and cool environment, and should not be exposed to the air, to prevent oxidation and agglomeration due to moisture, which will affect the dispersion performance and use effect; The number of packages can be provided according to the customer's requirements

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