NbSi2 Niobium Silicide
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NbSi2 Niobium Silicide

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Product Description

NbSi2 Niobium Silicide

Chinese Name: niobium silicide

Chinese Name: niobium disilicide/Niobium disaliticide

English alias: niobium silicide (NbSi2); niobium silicide; niobium disability



Molecular formula: NbSi2

Molecular weight: 149.0774

Editing of physicochemical properties

Melting point: 1940 

1. Niobium silicide composite binary alloy matrix composite is a promising high-temperature 

structural material. In this dual-phase composite, solution niobium provides room temperature 

toughness while si2nb provides high-temperature strength. The composite has high 

thermodynamic stability and microstructural stability at high temperature.

2. NbSi2 based superalloy has high melting point, low density and excellent comprehensive 

properties. Its target service temperature is 200-300 ℃ higher than that of Ni based superalloy. 

It is expected to be used in gas turbine engine blades working at 1300-1500 ℃ and hot end 

components of aerospace vehicle scramjet engine.

3. The research and development idea of NbSi2 based superalloy is to form niobium based 

solid solution / Nb5Si3 dual phase composite by adding ductile solid solution phase, which 

can improve the room temperature toughness while maintaining excellent high temperature 


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