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The research and development technology summary of zirconium boride (enriched 10b) target material of your group successfully passed the expert review


On October 26, Youyan resources and Environment Technology Research Institute (Beijing) Co., Ltd. organized the "review meeting on the development technology of zirconium boride (enriched 10b) target" in Beijing. The expert group of this review meeting is composed of Li Guangchang, deputy chief engineer of China Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd., academician Gong Shengkai of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, academician Huang Xiaowei of Youyan rare earth new materials Co., Ltd., and experts from China Institute of Atomic Energy Science, China Nuclear uranium industry development Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Power Operation Management Co., Ltd., nuclear power operation research (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shandong Nuclear Power Co., Ltd Sanmen Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., CNNC North nuclear fuel element Co., Ltd., CNNC Baotou nuclear fuel element Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University, Semiconductor Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes. Li Guangchang is the leader of the expert group. Zhao Xiaochen, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Youyan group, and Xiong Baiqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager, met with the expert group and took a group photo. The meeting was presided over by Zhou Qigang, deputy general manager of Youyan group.


At the meeting, Zhou Qigang expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all leaders and experts on behalf of your group, and briefly introduced the work history of the development of zirconium boride target jointly carried out by your group, CNNC north and Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute, as well as the research and development and application of other key nuclear materials of your group. He hoped that the experts attending the meeting would give more valuable opinions on the target development, Jointly promote the development and application of zirconium boride target.


Feng Haining, chief engineer of CNNC north, and Zhu libing, director of the fuel Institute of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute, respectively spoke on behalf of the target use verifier and the design unit. Feng Haining said that the research and development of zirconium boride target is of great significance, and it is believed that with the joint efforts of R & D Application and technical support rating personnel, the application of zirconium boride target is not far away. Zhu libing pointed out that the research and development of zirconium boride target has gone through twists and turns, and finally moved to the stage of engineering application. He hoped that the relevant units would make persistent efforts, walk the "last kilometer" well, and strive to promote the target to a broader market.


Subsequently, the experts attending the meeting listened to the report of Wang Xingming, deputy general manager of the research, investment and Environment Research Institute, on the summary of zirconium boride target development technology, reviewed the relevant process documents on the spot, and inquired and discussed the establishment of quality assurance system, the key technology of zirconium boride target, the preparation and coating performance of zirconium boride target in full furnace. After questioning and discussion, the experts attending the meeting believed that the development of zirconium boride target had broken through the key technologies such as controllable synthesis of zirconium boride powder, and the developed target met the process requirements for coating zirconium boride on uranium dioxide pellets and passed the coating process appraisal. It had the engineering manufacturing technology capability of zirconium boride target, and agreed to pass the review.


Liu Ying, general manager of the research, resources and Environment Research Institute, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the project industrialization undertaking unit. He said that he would carefully collate and absorb the valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by the participating experts, constantly improve the working methods and methods, actively promote the application assessment of target materials, and ensure the independent development of nuclear power in China.


Relevant personnel from CNNC north, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute, planning and development department, science and Technology Development Department of China research group, and research, investment and Environment Institute attended the review meeting.