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Research status of application properties of zirconium hydride


Fu Xiaogang, China Academy of Atomic Energy Sciences, Beijing 102413


Abstract: Zirconium hydride, as a solid moderated material, is widely used in both hot and fast reactors. In the process of use, the hydrogen release behavior of zirconium hydride at high temperature and the neutron irradiation performance have been two of the most concerned research issues. In this paper, the phase diagram of zirconium hydride, hydrogen release behavior at high temperature and some research results of size deformation under neutron irradiation are introduced. The application status of 6-zirconium hydride and E-zirconium hydride with different hydrogen content is introduced.


Zirconium hydride has the advantages of high hydrogen content, small neutron absorption cross section and high service temperature. It is an early moderated material used in the nuclear industry. In the late 1950s, the Heat Transfer Experimental Reactor No. 3 (HTRE-3) successfully used zirconium hydride as a moderator. Zirconium hydride (ZrH), as a moderated material, is an important component of TRIGA research reactor in the United States. In addition, zirconium hydride is used as moderator or shielding material for space reactors developed in the United States, Russia and China. The KNK-II fast reactor built in Germany uses zirconium hydride as the shielding material, and has accumulated a lot of experience. At present, zirconium hydride is also used as the moderator in the supercritical light water fast reactor designed in the United States and the large fast reactor power plant designed in Japan. In the above application process, high temperature hydrogen release of zirconium hydride and size deformation under neutron irradiation have always been the two most concerned research issues. For this reason, researchers in various countries have carried out a lot of experimental work and obtained some valuable 


1 Phase diagram of zirconium hydride

Zirconium hydride is generally prepared by placing zirconium metal in high-temperature hydrogen for a period of time. The phase diagram of zirconium hydride is shown in Figure 1. When the H/Zr ratio is 1.54~1.66, zirconium hydride is the six phases of fcc structure; When H/Zr ratio is between 1.67 and 1.69, zirconium hydride is a 6 - phase with fcc and fct structures; When H/Zr ratio is 1.70 1.95, zirconium hydride is the e phase of fct structure. In the process of application and research of zirconium hydride, 6-zirconium hydride with H/Zr ratio near 1.6 and zirconium hydride with H/Zr ratio near 1.8 have accumulated the most test data. The United States and Japan tend to use 6-zirconium hydride with H/Zr ratio near 1.6, while Russia tends to use zirconium hydride with H/Zr ratio greater than 1.8.

2 Hydrogen release behavior of high ju

In terms of hydrogen release at high temperature, W. Wang et al. gave the expression o for hydrogen saturation decomposition pressure of zirconium hydride at 200 ~1000 , as shown in the following formula.

Where C is the H/Zr ratio. In order to ensure the reliability of zirconium hydride used in space reactors, Russia has conducted hydrogen release measurement tests. The results show that the hydrogen release of zirconium hydride after 10 years of operation below 650 ℃ does not exceed 2% ∞ 1. The hydrogen content of ZrHl. 87 and ZrHl. 91 irradiated by BN-600 was measured. The results showed that × The zirconium hydride after 1026n/m2 neutron irradiation has almost no loss of hydrogen content H. The US research in the supercritical light water fast reactor shows that the hydrogen content of zirconium hydride moderated module decreases by about 2.5% after 4 years of operation, which has little impact on the reactor operation.

3 Neutron irradiation performance

In terms of irradiation performance research, the size deformation data of zirconium hydride after neutron irradiation are summarized in Table 1.


Table 1 Size Deformation of Zirconium Hydride after Neutron Irradiation

In terms of neutron irradiation, Paetz. P et al. showed that after 1.15 × After 1025n/in2 neutron irradiation, the volume expansion of £ zirconium hydride is 0.5%, while that of 6-zirconium hydride is basically unchanged.

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6 Conclusion

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