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The semiconductor industry will be overturned. Cubic boron arsenide is called the "best semiconductor material in history"


According to Washington Comprehensive News, a group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Houston and other institutions recently found that cubic boron arsenide has ultra-high performance in heat conduction and conductivity, and cubic boron arsenide is also called "the best semiconductor material ever found" by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Chen Gang, a Chinese American professor who was framed by the US Department of Justice for spying, is a member of this research team.

Chinese American Professor Chen Gang

Fortune magazine reported that silicon is the main material used to make computer chips. Recently, a group of scientists found a semiconductor material, cubic boron arsenide, with better performance than silicon. This new material may help semiconductor designers overcome existing model limitations and make better, faster, and smaller chips.

Boron nitride

The research shows that the thermal conductivity of cubic boron arsenide is 10 times that of silicon. Chen Gang, who participated in the research, said that heat is a major bottleneck of electronic products, and cubic boron arsenide may break through this bottleneck, thus changing the game rules of the entire industry.