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New Research: Hydrogen Boride Nanosheets Can Be Used as Light and Safe Hydrogen Storage Materials

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, October 28 (Reporter Huayi) Japanese researchers recently found that hydrogen borate nano sheets can release hydrogen through light under normal temperature and pressure. The researchers said that this material is expected to be used as a more lightweight and safe hydrogen carrier material.

So far, transportation of hydrogen, a gas with explosion risk, requires high temperature and high pressure. For example, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are equipped with high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks.

Researchers from Tokyo University of Technology, Tsukuba University and other institutions in Japan reported in the new issue of the British journal Nature Communication that they found that hydrogen borated nano sheets with a boron to hydrogen ratio of 1:1 could release hydrogen in large quantities under ultraviolet radiation, even under normal temperature and pressure through light. The researchers said that the hydrogen borate nano sheet is very convenient to operate and is expected to be used as an efficient hydrogen carrier material.

According to the analysis of the researchers, the hydrogen boride nano sheet can store and release hydrogen in large quantities, which is related to its two-dimensional structure and its unique electronic band structure.

In September 2017, this research team successfully synthesized hydrogen boride films for the first time. The hydrogen boride film is composed of light elements boron and hydrogen, and its hydrogen mass density is more than 8%. As a hydrogen storage material with high mass density, it is expected to be used as a light and safe hydrogen carrier material to replace the high-pressure hydrogen storage tank with explosion risk. (End)