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A technology enterprise that plays with the superhard material cubic boron nitride


       Entering Funac, located in the high-tech zone, I was shocked by this Henan enterprise

that "plays with" the superhard material cubic boron nitride: superhard materials, superhard

composite materials, and superhard cutting tools with cubic boron nitride as the core have

emerged in batches on the assembly line. These are all urgently needed high-end cutting

tools in high-end precision machining fields such as domestic aviation and automotive

engines, with strong market demand. This year's orders have been fully booked, and the

production line is operating at full capacity, "said the person in charge of Funac.

       Its running posture remains unchanged for 30 years, persisting in the "long run" on the

path of technological innovation; The leading technology in its industry is the ability to easily

"control" a thousandth of a millimeter level composite film and process the "ultimate" mirror

level material; Its rich "circle of friends" is also due to the gathering of many Fortune Global

500 companies such as 3M, Saili, General Motors, Samsung, etc. The "lively" scene envies


       Funak Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and has been focusing on

the superhard material industry for nearly 30 years. It is committed to developing the

toughest materials and is one of the leading enterprises in the sub field of cubic boron

nitride in the superhard material industry. It is also the main drafting unit for national

standards for cubic boron nitride superhard abrasives, cubic boron nitride superhard

cutting tools, and multiple product quality testing. It is also one of the first batch of

specialized, refined, and new "little giant" enterprises under the Ministry of Industry and

Information Technology, Multiple technologies have won awards such as the "First Prize

of Henan Province Science and Technology Progress Award".

       It is reported that cubic boron nitride is synthesized by hexagonal boron nitride and

a catalyst under high temperature and pressure, and is another new type of superhard

material product that emerged after the advent of artificial diamond. Previously, due to the

inability to master high-end superhard cutting tool technology, China's manufacturing

industry faced a technological blockade from abroad. Funac overcame difficulties and

successfully developed the first artificially synthesized high-quality cubic boron nitride

superhard material, reaching the world's advanced level.

       Nowadays, Funak has mastered the core technologies of four major links in terms of

technology, including raw and auxiliary material processing, high-temperature and high-

pressure synthesis control, single crystal abrasive and micro powder preparation, and tool

manufacturing. The company currently holds 373 patents, including 93 invention patents.

The company's products cover superhard materials, superhard composite materials,

superhard cutting tools, and cultivated diamonds, forming its own unique industrial chain,

mainly used in high-end processing fields such as automobiles, consumer electronics,

aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, and high-end diamond jewelry consumption fields.

Downstream customers include 3M Group, Saint Gobain Group, Sumitomo Electric Group,

Samsung Electronics Group, and many other Fortune 500 companies and their holding