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Haixin TiB2 alloying degree get to 100%


Titanium diboride powder is gray or grey-black, having a hexagonal (AlB2) crystalline structure.It has a melting point of 2980℃ 
and a high hardness.Titanium diboride has an antioxidant temperature of up to 1000℃ in air and is stable in HCl and HF acids.
Titanium diboride is mainly used to prepare composite ceramic products.Because it can resist the corrosion of molten metal,
it can be used for the manufacture of molten metal crucible and electrolytic pool electrode.
Titanium boride (TiB2) is the most stable compound of boron and titanium. It has C32 structure and is bound by its valence bond.
It is a quasi-metallic compound of hexagonal crystal system.The structural parameters of the complete crystal are: a is 0.3028nm,
C is 0.3228nm.The surfaces of boron and titanium atoms in the crystal structure alternate to form a two-dimensional network in which
B is covalently bonded to three other bs, with one extra electron forming a large bond.The layered structure of boron atoms similar
to graphite and the electrons in Ti outer layer determine that TiB2 has good conductivity and metallic luster, while the ti-b bond
between boron atomic surface and titanium atomic surface determines the high hardness and brittleness of this material.
Application field
1 conductive ceramic material.It is one of the main raw materials of vacuum coated conductive evaporator.
Ceramic cutting tools and molds.It can manufacture precision cutting tools, drawing dies, extrusion dies, sandblasting nozzles, sealing components, etc.
Composite ceramic materials.It can be used as an important component of multi-component composite materials, which can be combined with TiC, TiN, SiC and other materials to make various high-temperature components and functional components, such as high-temperature crucible and engine components.It is also one of the best materials for making armor protective materials.
4 aluminum electrolyzer cathode coating material.Because of the good wettability between TiB2 and aluminum, using TiB2 as the cathode coating material of aluminum electrolyzer can reduce the power consumption and prolong the life of aluminum electrolyzer.
5 made into PTC heating ceramic materials and flexible PTC materials, with the characteristics of safety, energy saving, reliability, easy processing and forming, is a kind of updated high-tech products of all kinds of heating materials.
6 is a good fortifier for A1, Fe, Cu and other metal materials.
Material performance
The editor
Thermal expansion coefficient 8.1×10-6m/m.k
Thermal conductivity 25J/ M.S.K.
Electrical resistivity 14.4 mu Ω. Cm
Antioxidant temperature (in air) 1000℃
HCl and HF are stable