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Haixin Al3TI alloying degree reaches 100%

Among many intermetallic compounds, titanium-aluminum based intermetallic compounds have low density,
high specific strength, and high strength.
Features such as excellent thermodynamic properties and excellent oxidation resistance have become
hot spots of research and development in recent years.
It is a kind of aerospace and high temperature structural material with great development prospects.
Ti-Al intermetallic compounds Including Ti3Al, TiAl and Al3Ti, of which Al3Ti is particularly attractive because
it has the lowest density (3.36g / cm3), the highest melting point of 1373 ℃, the highest specific strength,
and the best high temperature oxidation resistance. company successfully solved many key technologies
and alloying of TI3AL alloy through independent research and development though 2 and a half years,
The alloying level reached 100%. A mass production with stable alloying in batch production has been realized.