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Haixin Fire Drill

In order to test our companys grasp and familiarity with fire emergency plan,
Ensure production safety, our company conducted the fire training and drills at 14:30--17:30 on Nov 15th, 2019.
This training drill, Company leaders and employees are actively involved in cooperation, to learning the fire knowledge during the training,
to familiar with fire fighting skills during the drill.
Through this fire drill, we felt that the high speed of development for sincense and technology, it has come together in all walks of life.
The kinds of fire equipments are always update, from the previous single species to now for different fire conditions,
Use the different fire weapons, minimize the damage.
Employees through hands-on participation, to a certain extent, I have had further practical experience in emergency evacuation,
correct escape and proper use of fire-fighting equipment.
we all think that this drill is very necessary, I will promote the fire fighting work of my department and accumulate certain experience in our fire fighting,
at the same time, it is hoped that in the future relevant departments can regularly carry out fire drills and form a system to expand the coverage of fire knowledge.