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Municipal teacher group "six advance" speech and report meeting

In order to create a good atmosphere for everyone to strive for a civilized city. A few days ago, our company held a
"micro talk" report meeting to create a provincial civilized city. The meeting was held by the city propaganda group, and the non-public
party branch actively participated in the meeting.
At the meeting, The members of the mission were from "a high degree of unity of thought, strengthen historical responsibility;
Grasp the main contradictions and key tasks; Pay attention to methods and methods to improve work efficiency; They explained
the necessity, importance and significance of striving to create a civilized city at the provincial level to everyone in a simple and
understandable way. Combined with a large number of pictures and examples, they interpreted several key points that should be
paid attention to in striving to create a civilized city, with rich contents and bright spots. 
The speech of the teachers group strengthened the confidence, determination and perseverance of the majority of faculty and
staff to strive for a civilized county, we have said that after the meeting should immediately take action, actively participate
in the creation of a provincial civilized city this battle, and continue to make due contributions to the construction of modernization of beautiful Daxue.