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The technology exchange meeting between Haixin Metal and Northeast University

September 26th, 2019, the generally manager Mr. Zhang of Haixin has joined in the technology exchange meeting of Northeast Universtity.
On Sep 26th, the meeting of industry-learn-research was held in Hanqing hall between Northeast University and Jinzhou Peoples Government.
Jinzhou municipal committee of the standing committee, deputy mayor Liu Wei led the team, Northeast University Yang Ming, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission attended the meeting. Institute of science and technology, school of metallurgy, School of information science and engineering, Jinzhou science and technology bureau, jinzhou taihe district metallurgical association related person in charge attended the meeting.
Our company insiting new development concept, implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, further optimize the industrial structure, accelerate the conversion of kinetic energy, release enterprise vitality, increasing the role of science and technology in leading and supporting economic development; to strengthen scientific and technological exchanges with Northeastern University, promote the transfer and transformation of the schools advanced technological achievements in Jinzhou, jointly build a government-industry-university-research-application collaborative innovation model, inject new vitality into Haixin Metals high-quality development and enhance its new driving force.