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Haixin company has visited and learn to Baotai Huashen

On August 8, 2019, general manager Zhang led a group of six people from Haixin company to visit Baotai Huashen Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., which was Haixins partner for many years. The raw materials of titanium powder and titanium tablets produced by Haixin company for many years are 90% from Baotai Huashen.
General manager Xu and minister Feng from Baotai Huashen warmly received us, general manager Xu introduced us the whole situation of their company. Baotai Huashen has nearly 600 employees, it covers more than an area of 50 mu, sponge titanium annual production of
8000-9000MT, sponge zirconium annual production of 300-500MT, apply for 20 to 30 patents, and they have won various provincial awards every year, got the praise of domestic and foreign customers. Baotai Huashen is a state-controlled enterprise with sound management and professional production. The market situation is always optimistic.
Baotai Huashen minister feng patiently explained to us the sponge titanium production process and application fields of China titanium sponge production of god is a whole process of the production process, which makes the cost of saving a lot of raw materials, a jar of sponge titanium fire completed about 200 hours, glittering and translucent get rid of titanium sponge, finished product is really spongy, although is metal, but it feels very soft.Titanium sponge is mainly used in aerospace, aviation, civil, navigation, submarines and nuclear reactions.
Later, general manager Xu and minister Feng led us to visit production site, there are finished titanium sponge products on the site, one piece of which is about 3 tons, cut into small pieces. In the last process, workers sit in a row to pick and inspect products by hand, so as to realize the supply of 0 defects. This also fully reflects the spirit of great companies to keep improving in service. 
Haixin company corporate with strong company all the time, in terms of raw materials, we have been pursuing the most scientific ratio, and strive to meet customer requirements while reducing costs for customers. Finally achieve strong cooperation, win-win cooperation.