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Da Xue town Group Activities of CPPCC Members

Manager wu of Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. on behalf of general manager zhang hongtao has attended Da Xue town Group Activities of CPPCC Members on May 21st,2019. The main content of the activity is to participate in the TV series 《journey to the west》 Pigsy actor Ma Dehua teachers first autobiography "Wu neng" reader meeting, The reporter interviewed teacher Mas main difficulties and dangers during the six-year filming of 《journey to the west》, Teacher Ma vividly explained to fans all kinds of difficulties and dangers encountered at that time. At last, teacher Ma concluded, the play such as life, do anything to have a firm goal, can not give up halfway. Need to play the team spirit, any one persons strength is difficult to reach a peak height. To know what you are capable of, to persist in what you are good at, to achieve perfection, is success.