Company News

2019, let's cheer up together!

With the sound of fireworks away, the atmosphere of the festival gradually fade, people began a New Year journey, all of staff of Jinzhou Haixin Metal,
with full enthusiasm to continue to work. Face of rapidly changing market, after the company many years of experience accumulation, Haixin company
can skilled handling various possible mutations, including the raw material price increases suddenly, the shortage of raw materials on the market all kinds of
possible problems, Haixin company would like to express our heartfelt thanks to old customers in the past year of Haixin trust and support, Haixin company uphold
quality first, customer first, honest and trustworthy business philosophy, in just a few years time, has accumulated a large number of artists at home and
abroad customers. Haixin company is willing to continue to use the most warm, the most sincere service to meet the requirements of new and old customers,
strict implementation of the contract, at the same time, also welcome new customers into Haixin, understand Haixin, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us,
mutual benefit, win-win cooperation.