Company News


Off the fruitful in 2018 and ushered in the hopeful in 2019, Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. in 2018 is a harvest year, this year,
not just for the big increase in sales in the previous year, in the patent application, new product research and development product
upgrades have unprecedented increase, increased Haixin all leaders and staffs confidence. The persistence of old customers,
the constant influx of new customers and the continuous communication with many potential customers fully reflect the customers recognition of the quality of Haixin products and prove the strength of our company.
Haixin company independently research and development alloy powder, high-tech, high purity, including nitride, carbide, hydride, boride,
silicide and other binary alloy powder, Haixin titanium additive is outstanding in the market, used for aluminum alloy additives, this product is
mainly sponge titanium powder as raw material, haixins biggest advantage is the production of sponge titanium powder, raw materials produced
by this technology is haixins unique advantage.
Haixin’s all of staff, full of confidence in the New Year, will achieve greater success in 2019.