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Characteristics of titanium powder and its application as additive

Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of titanium powder and titanium additives. The shape of titanium powder is spherical, polygonal, spongy and flaky. The grain shape is related to the method of preparing titanium powder. The requirements for titanium powder generally include three aspects, namely purity, particle size and grain shape. Titanium powder is divided into four levels, coarse powder at 1000-50pm, fine powder at 50-10pm, micro powder at 10-0.5pm and ultrafine powder at < 0.5pm. The purity of titanium powder includes titanium content and impurity content. The purity of titanium powder is related to its grain grade. The smaller the grain grade, the lower the purity. Generally, titanium containing more than or equal to 99%, or close to 99%, of crude titanium powder is called grade (if titanium alloy powder includes alloy components), and products below this component are called grade products. In the grade. In addition to the requirements for special purposes, oxygen content is generally classified. That is, the lower the oxygen content, the better the quality, the higher grade. If the oxygen content is less than 0.15%, it is a high quality titanium powder.

There is a method for adding titanium to aluminum alloy, The first is to add intermediate titanium alloy has block shape, also have filar shape; The second is the addition of titanium additives, is the addition of titanium; The third is the addition of refiner, specially fine casting structure, not alloy elements, do not make component analysis.

(1) Titanium additive. Titanium additives are used to adjust the amount of titanium in aluminum alloys .It is made of titanium plus aluminum powder or flux salt into blocks or cakes. The amount of titanium powder is 55%-75%, and the amount of aluminum powder or fluidized salt is 45%-25%, drop into the melt aluminum alloy as required. If this kind of additive uses the flux salt as the ingredient, should pay attention not to absorb moisture or contain moisture, actually the flux salt in the product is useless.It is best to add the pure metal powder after packaging.

(2) Titanium refiner. The element of titanium refiner in the alloy is not the component of the alloy, but the element that has the effect of refining the structure in the process of smelting and casting. The titanium powder and salt chemicals are mixed and pressed into blocks or cakes to supply. There are three types of titanium.30%, 40% and 60% are added with boron-containing salt (including 1%, 2%, 3% or 4% of boron), and NaCl and KC1 are added with the rest. The market supply of Ti40B4, Ti30B4, Ti30B3 and Ti60Bl products.

Among more than 150 kinds of deformed aluminum alloy, about 120 brands of titanium were added, but the amount of adding people was not large, between 0.02% and 0.4%. Among about 40 types of cast aluminum alloys, 13 grades are added with titanium, usually between 0.08% and 0.35%. The main purpose of titanizing is to refine the microstructure of casting and weld, to reduce the tendency of cracking and to improve the mechanical properties. The effect of adding titanium is that titanium and aluminum form TiAl, and it ACTS as non-spontaneous core, the casting structure is refined when the aluminum alloy solidifies. Sometimes, a small amount of B is added to the Ti to form the TiB2 compound, which promotes the refinement of Ti.