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Haixin successfully completed titanium powder titanium agent transformation

Titanium powder upgraded titanium metal additive is recognized by Xuzhou old customers.
In order to better adapt to the changes of market demand, correctly understand the strategic objectives of the enterprise,
clear the future work focus and resource demand, give full play to the existing resource advantages and potential of enterprises,
improve the ability of risk control and market response, Strengthen the cohesive force and concentric force of the enterprise.
Now combined with the external environment and the companys internal resources, capacity and other status quo. In particular,
he titanium powder produced by the company was deeply processed into metal titanium additive and directly supplied to the original
titanium powder customers, and achieved good results. Taking Xuzhou market as an example, the sales volume of 75 metal titanium additive in August has exceeded 30 tons.
This represents a successful transformation of our company.