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Haixin Metal Carry Out a Training on Cyber Security Common Sense

On May 4th, Haixin Comprehensive Department invited professional staff to carry out a training on cyber security common sense to improve staffs’ network security awareness, to avoid the loss of information and property loss because of deficiency on cyber security awareness.
With the steady development of information technology, mobile officing and mobile life are more common, which reveal the deficiency on cyber security awareness of our company. Therefore, in this training, the professional staff focused on two aspects, one is the main issues faced by cyber security, and another one is the precautionary measures on cyber security. The professional staff gave some living examples explain in details to tell workers how to improve network security awareness and how to guard against hackers, such as man-in-the-middle attack, network mask, phishing, and Internet fraud.
This training is practical, instructive and operable, which further improve staffs’ awareness of cyber security in the process of telecommuting. And all play a positive role in cyber security carried out by company in the future.