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the moblization meeting of Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co.,Ltd


After the Spring Festival, Jinzhou Haixin holds a meeting to encourage staff to roll up sleeves and work with added energy.

On March 1st, our company organizes a mobilization meeting to encourage all departments so that they could shift from festival atmosphere and the state of rest into work mode.
Rolling up sleeves and work with added energy, every staff should quickly engage in their work with full spirit and energy.
Firstly, the leader of our company invites all workers to talk about their blessed or unforgettable things in the holiday, and presents that are dent to their parents friends and relatives. Then the manager encourages that all staffs should positively undertake the obligations for their children and parents. In order to afford a plentiful life with health and happiness for them, what we should spare no efforts to work. Finally, the leaders interact with each other and share their plans and goal in 2018. The manager inspires workers to make detailed and accurate aims and carry out them positively and arduously, struggling for ambitions and meaningful life.

The mobilization meeting lay a solid foundation for immersing in the work and finishing work task. This meeting also increases workers’ confidence and vigor, and encourage everyone to greet the new year.