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learning the Quality Management System ISO9001:2015

On February 2, 2018, our factory organized staffs in different department to learn Quality Management System comprehensive and detailed.
Person responsible completed revise and compile of the department’s procedure documents under two professors’ elaborate help.  They strictly revised every word one by one, and checked every item successively so that daily work of all departments and the situation of quality objectives would be reflected accurately.
With the guide of two professors, our company proceeded internal audit to all workers, and it was founded that there were too many work aims didn’t be quantized and recorded, which should have been quantized. In particular, Quality Management System is tightly connected with our work. Without the guarantee of high quality it is impossible to provide high quality materials to ensure the production of products in the first line
Through the learning of the Quality Management System, our staffs have realized the operational condition of inspection system and that the system could guide practical work. We have profound understand that quality is the foundation of the survival of a company, also is the essential basis of our work.