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Chinese new material goes out of lab

With the time being, metal powder is more close to people daily life, Haixin powder is also applied. New material is one of the seven state strategic industries, For many years, China put more energy on new material study, in some areas, it has reached world advanced level .Professors and experts think the developing room is huge, meanwhile, it has original technology, however, the result transform and industry level need to be improved. Combining industry innovation and making technical result go out lab are the new developing direction of Chinese new material.
"Money can’t buy" material How the new material industry develop
From 3D printing to flexible displays, from Fuxing hao high speed train to China made aircraft, new material is influencing our daily life.
Material is the manufacturing industry base, and new material is the cornerstone of state technology improvement. "Money can’t buy new material"
From the point view of academicians Dai Yongnian, steel is skeleton of high building, Al-Mg is the basis material for car, ship, airplane, and rocket. New material supports high-tech industry development, and creates high profit, which is acknowledged globally. Many developed countries made new material layout in advance, with monopoly trend. In China, new material industry has been focused. In 2010,China included new material industry among seven main prosperous industries. New material technology is improving time by time, the scale is becoming bigger ,comprehensive strength is more strong, which support the national economic development and defense industry building.
"13th five-year" period, China will strengthen the demand-supply connection build new material application insurance compensate system, build application demonstration platform, carry out application demonstration work, further prompt combination of produce and application, active and release the effective requirement for new material in downstream industry, prompt the transformation and application of new material innovation results, improve the Chinese new material developing level. Haixin metal will insist on innovation road, develop new material, and be into life.