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General manager Zhang Hongtao attended the annual meeting of association of industry and commerce

On the afternoon of Dec.31,the general manager Zhang Hongtao attended the annual meeting of association of industry and commerce(hereinafter called chamber),exchanging and studying with the friends from political and commercial fields.They made summary for the work of 2017,and made arrangement for the new year’s work.The discussion been carried out from the following seven aspects:political participation,belief education,serve enterprise,exact poverty alleviation,and policy information publicity.Government official Zhaojin made positive comments on the work of chamber,meanwhile,for 2018 tasks,she put forward new requirements in the form of "Four focus":Firstly,focus on the leadership of Party.Further study and implement the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress conference,take the spirit as the kernel political the non-state-owned enterprises to hold the new opportunities,new rising points to strengthen non-state-owned enterprise.Secondly,focus on the center,strengthen service function,prompt revitalization and development.Based on the kernel economic social task set by Jinzhou government,the chamber guide the enterprises to participate in politics according to the designated developing goal;positively engaging in economy construction,improve enterprise stronger,and play a positive role in investment attraction,guide the entrepreneurs to form new economic construction idea.Thirdly,focus on the establishing of cooperation platform.In 2018,the chamber shall give priority on the platform of Bank-enterprise,College-enterprise,enterprise-enterprise;on cooperation between local companies and outside companies;on communication among enterprise,party, and government.Last,focus the self-construction of chamber.The chamber shall improve the political spot,create work highlights,and carry out the tasks smoothly according to the requirements.