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Haixin was hold the Company Annual Meeting of 2017

Time is like a fleeting, hurried past,no one can retain time,but wise people will make summary after that,then improve themselves.
2017 is a fruitful year for Jinzhou Haixin,the company achieve its goal set in the beginning of year,both on safety, environment and R&D for new product,
overseas market explore;which contribute to the further development of company business.On Jan.11.2018,the GM ,Mr.Zhang organized the annual meeting, reviewing
2017,and outlook for 2018.During the meeting,the GM make a summary for the work in past year with details,
and arrange the task for new year.Finally,he stressed that opportunity and challenge are coexistence,difficulty and
problem are not afraid.If we hold the opportunity, utilize our advantage,and face problems with open mind,we will
finally find solutions to the problems.It is an important developing time for Haixin,we must put more focus on responsibility
and urgency, carrying out work based on problem oriented, then get a meaningful results and enterprise growth,which will
strengthen the employee confidence.Jinzhou Haixin is a potential company,
If we combine all the energy,use our wisedom,work hard,and forge ahead,we will defeat all the difficults, realizing the continuous,
health and harmonized development of Haixin,finally build the bright future for Haixin.