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Do you know titanium sponge?

Recently, there are so many international customers make inquiry about our titanium sponge, and they have shown great interest in it, and somebody even reached a preliminary cooperation intention, now let us know titanium sponge.
Titanium with "space metal" is widely used in the field of aerospace, its importance is self-evident. To obtain the main raw material of industrial titanium alloy. Sponge titanium production is the basic part of the titanium industry, which is titanium, titanium powder and other raw materials of titanium. The ilmenite into titanium tetrachloride, and then placed in a sealed stainless steel tank, filled with argon, so that they react with the metal magnesium, you get "titanium sponge."
Titanium sponge is the basic raw material for the production of refined titanium metal. The titanium sponge further refining can be made of titanium ingots, titanium rods and other metal titanium. Titanium sponge can be mechanically ground to produce titanium powder. Titanium powder as a coating material, is widely used in mechanical equipment surface treatment, electronic and precision instrument components processing, and other metals can be synthesized titanium alloy powder. Demand for titanium sponge in aircraft, chemical plants, desalination plants and civil applications continues to grow. With the continuous development of titanium industry, titanium sponge development prospects are also very broad.
Jinzhou Haixin metal can provide a variety of purity and size of titanium sponge, the quality of highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers, if you like, welcome to consult.