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Haixin: boride series products

Haixin has focus on product research and development, successfully R&D "High purity boride ",which replaced traditional Oxidation-Reduction boride series products.The purity,size and alloy composition all reached the advanced level in the industry.Since entering the market, won high praise from aerospace industry、special ceramic industry 、superhard coatings industry...
Haixin produced ten kinds of boride products,also can customized production according to customer needs. 
Titanium Diboride
Zirconium Diboride
Hafnium Diboride
Nickel Boride
Magnesium Boride
Silicon Boride
Aluminum Boride
Calcium Boride
Vanadium Boride
Chromium Boride
Tungsten Boride
Magnesium Boride
Molybdenum Boride
Manganese Boride
Niobium Boride
Cobalt Boride