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Hot selling magnesium silicide powder

Jinzhou Haixin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of silicide products, such as titanium silicide powder, zirconium silicide powder, calcium silicide powder, magnesium silicide powder and so on.
Among them, magnesium silicide powder, the formula is Mg2Si, magnesium and silicon elements are composed of an inorganic compound. Magnesium silicide powder is a blue or light purple powder. Molar mass 76.7 gmol Accurate mass 75.947010329 mol-1 Density 1.988 cm-3 Melting point 1102 C (1375). Magnesium silicide powder are commonly used in the production of aluminum alloys, which contain about 1.5% of magnesium silicide, with hardening characteristics, can form Guinier-Preston area and very uniform precipitation, which can improve the strength of the alloy.
Jinzhou Haixin with professional and technical production of magnesium silicide powder and selling well in China, exported to Hong Kong, the United States, Pakistan and other countries.
A warm welcome to internal & foreign trade customers coming to discuss cooperation with the establishment of long-term win-win relationship.