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How to calculate Recovery rate of Aluminum alloy additive


Recovery rate is one of the most important index of Aluminum alloy additive. This index support Aluminum alloy plant to measure how much Aluminum alloy additive need, and how much content of alloying metal element achieve .

Firstly , what is "Recovery rate"?

Take Mn80Al20(alloying tablet) as an example . Simply said, Recovery rate means how much alloying metal element (such as Manganese) you finally get from you put . But the actual calculation procedure is complex, because that there are lots of factors need to be considered in.

How to calculate Recovery rate in practice ?

Let’s check this standard formula:

Let’s make a Lab test instance,also take MN80AL20 as an example:

Tested and Known results as below:

In production practice, there are many formula deformations. But the basic rule not change.We can discuss these in the future.

Value of Recovery Rate:

Obviously, Recovery rate is important , higher Recovery rate lead a more effective and economical producing performance. To produce high Recovery Rate Alloying additions ,not only depend on a mature technology but also require years of experiences . Below is our normal Recovery rate of Mn80Al20(500g/tablet) in practical production,could reach to 95% in 10 minutes.