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Aluminum Melting and Casting

Electrolytic aluminum as raw materials, adopting the corresponding equipment, producing all kinds of aluminum and aluminum alloy ingot by the melting and casting process, aluminum melting and casting is the first line production process of aluminum processing plant.
Aluminum melting and casting production including the ingredients, melting, casting, soaking, machining and inspection processes. Large melting and casting also including debris and slag processing, the intermediate alloy equipment, smelting flux preparation auxiliary process etc.
Melting and casting is the most important process in the production of aluminum and its alloy products, making the transition from solid to liquid to solid,and alloy elements in the dissolved aluminum alloying process, its basic function is the transfer of energy and matter.At the same time, the melt with the surrounding medium happen a series of physical and chemical changes, making the melt purification or producing pollution,and processing the liquid into casting for the pressure production.Therefore, melting and casting production relations to the success or failure of subsequent processing, it is also the first working procedure that has a decisive influence on the quality of the product.