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Regulations about import and export inspection of metal materials in our country

Regulations in our country the need of the inspection of import and export commodities metal materials are mainly iron, steel ingot, billet, profiles, wires, metal products, non-ferrous metals and their products, etc.The import and export of steel quality, specification commonly prescribed in the contract, the imported steel adopt Japanese Xiff standard JlsG series and German industrial standards DIN series of less ammonia steel exports in accordance with the standards of inspection;About the appearance of the imported galvanized iron, tin, silicon steel sheet defects inspection according to the relevant provisions of the state commodity inspection bureau.Overseas invoice, packing list and quality certificate, certificate of weight list, the damage is, business records about weight, quality, quantity, the important basis of the damaged and other inspection appraisal.Metal material goods generally is by the state commodity inspection bureau or by other commodity inspection authorities for inspection.In a massive import metal materials, can be in foreign factory inspection before they go out;To import metal materials in bulk of large professional unit, its complete testing equipment, strong technical force, after agreed to by the commodity inspection authorities, to allow for the import of steel after reporting to the commodity inspection authorities for quality at the beginning of the test;Export metal materials, factory inspection must be conducted, the commodity inspection authorities in the process of production or irregular random inspection before they leave, and the weighing apparatus to sample weight, check the batch, shipping mark, mark, etc.In the number of tested for the number of metal materials, pick up weight valuation for weight inspection.The size of steel inspection, including steel plate thickness, width and length;The diameter of the round steel, Angle steel side length;The height of the channel and groove width;Steel pipe diameter and wall thickness, etc.The surface of galvanized iron, tin can not have scars, pits, wrinkles, iron, etc.Mechanical and performance test of metal materials, including test on the mechanical properties of the alloy steel after heat treatment;The boiler pipe and oil pipeline hydraulic pressure test, flaring test, etc.Metal materials of salty chemical analysis test, according to different purposes, according to the standard stipulated by chemical analysis and instrument analysis method, analysis for determining the content of various elements, including non-metallic elements and harmful elements.