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The primary use of ferroalloys

As steelmaking deoxidizer,the most widely used in silicon manganese, ferromanganese and ferrosilicon.Strong deoxidizer for aluminum (aluminum and iron), calcium silicon, silicon zirconium (see steel deoxidized reaction).Used as alloy additives commonly used varieties are: ferromanganese and ferrochrome, ferrosilicon, tungsten iron, molybdenum iron, vanadium iron, iron, nickel titanium, niobium, tantalum) iron, rare earth alloy iron, boron, iron, phosphorus, iron, etc.All kinds of ferroalloy and according to the requirements of steelmaking by regulation of alloy element content or carbon many grades, and strictly limit the content of impurities.Contains two or more alloy elements of ferroalloys is called composite ferroalloy, use this kind of alloy can join deoxidizing and alloying elements at the same time, good for steelmaking process, and can the economic comprehensive use of paragenetic mineral resources reasonably.The commonly used are: manganese silicon, calcium silicon, silicon zirconium, silicon manganese, aluminum, silicon and rare earth ferrosilicon manganese calcium.
Steelmaking with pure metal additives are aluminum, titanium, nickel and chromium silicon metal, manganese metal, metal, etc.Some easy reduction of oxide such as MoO, NiO, also used to replace iron alloy.In addition, there are nitriding ferroalloys, such as after nitriding processing of ferrochrome, ferromanganese, and mixed with compound heating alloy, etc.