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Understand how to detect metal powder


Metal powders generally act as agglomerates and play an important role in powder metallurgy and ceramic manufacturing. In addition, metal powder is also used in some spraying processes. Such as plasma spraying, flame spraying, arc spraying, laser spraying and other processes.


Metal powder testing items:


1. Composition analysis and testing items: carbon content, sulfur content, oxygen content, iron content, nickel content, manganese content, cobalt content, copper content, tungsten content, tin content, zinc content, tungsten carbide content and various alloys or compounds Determination of content.

2. 2 Physical property testing items: average particle size and distribution measurement, specific surface measurement, compactness measurement, particle shape measurement, internal structure measurement

3. Process performance testing items: fluidity, bulk density, compression performance, sintering change rate, tap density, forming performance, etc.

4. Selectable testing items: electromagnetic performance, corrosion resistance, electrochemical activity, catalytic performance, internal friction coefficient, etc.

 metal powder

Metal powder detection method:


Funnel method, dry sieve analysis method, Latola test, compression measurement method, gas transmission method, vibrating funnel method, Scott volume meter method, light scattering test, liquid penetration method, Zhongli sedimentation light transmission method, etc.