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Chief of Taihe District Science and Technology Bureau and School of materials of Liaoning University of technology came to our company for investigation


On August 4, 2020, chief Na Hongtao, deputy director of Taihe District Science and Technology Bureau, and Dr. Wu Qiong, School of materials, Liaoning University of technology, visited our company for investigation.

Liaoning University of technology, founded in 1951, is located in Jinzhou City. a provincial full-time multi-disciplinary university with the development of science, engineering, economy, management and culture. It has been selected as one of the first batch pilot schools in the construction of national "basic capacity construction project of colleges and universities in central and Western China", a national practice education innovation and entrepreneurship base, a rececptional institution of Chinese government scholarship of international students, a national innovation and entrepreneurship training program for College Students, and the first batch of pilot schools for the construction of emergency management college The first batch of demonstration universities of deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Liaoning Province, and the first-class discipline construction projects of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province.

Max phase material is our company's key research and development products, products: titanium carbide aluminum, tin titanium carbide, titanium silicon carbide, molybdenum aluminum carbide, aluminum vanadium carbide, niobium aluminum carbide, high alloying degree, less impurity content. In this investigation, Dr. Wu Qiong, School of materials, Liaoning University of technology, showed a strong interest in our Max materials, and signed the industry university research agreement on the spot. In the future, we will work together to develop the market of Max phase materials. We believe that with the participation of the expert team of the University of technology, we will have a greater breakthrough in the production and sales of Max phase materials.