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General manager Rick Zhang participated in the new material meeting organized by the municipal government


With the Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences as the leading unit, the Songshan Lake material laboratory has an overall planning of 1200 Mu and a total budget of 12 billion yuan. After completion, the laboratory will have about 6600 personnel, including 2200 permanent personnel, 2200 graduate students and 2200 post doctoral non-fixed personnel.

In the future, the Songshan Lake materials laboratory will lay out three core plates, namely, large equipment of extreme environmental facilities for material preparation and processing, basic frontier research, public technology platform and innovative model factory, as well as the cross science center of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and the achievement transfer and transformation center.

At the invitation of the municipal government, Songshan Lake materials laboratory came to Jinzhou to hold the industry university research docking meeting. Jinzhou Haixin metal materials Co., Ltd. participated in the meeting as a leading enterprise in the new material industry. Our company mainly engaged in aluminum alloy additives and ultra-fine high-purity ceramic powder produced by non redox technology. There are many kinds of products, which are independently developed and produced. The products are of high purity and good price. We are the first to pass the ISO9001 certification in the industry. We strive for perfection in production process, strict technology, and strive to create world-class quality products.