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Haixin introduced model Bettersize2600 Laser Particle Size Analyzer from Bettersize Instruments Ltd



Within 8 years, Haixin is dedicated to the non-redox powder production, we never stopped our efforts in our path to R&D. we combined our production with technology, strive to provide our clients with best products, most accurate and authoritative data .in 8TH Aug, 2020, we introduced model Bettersize2600 Laser Particle Size Analyzer from Bettersize Instruments Ltd.



Bettersize2600 is a kind of intelligent laser particle sizer, which take the intiatives to adopt the combination of forward and inverse Fourier combination and optical system. The most important feature of the forward and inverse Fourier combination optical system is that the forward, lateral and backscattered light signals can be received at all angles by a single laser beam. This technology not only achieves the effect of multi beam technology to expand the angle of scattered light, but also avoids the connection deviation of discontinuous scattered light signal caused by multi beam technology and the refractive index deviation of sample caused by multi wavelength technology, which makes the test results more accurate, and realizes the accurate particle size measurement of nano, micron and even millimeter samples. Due to the large number of detectors and unique structure, the instrument has the ability to distinguish single peak, double peak and multi peak samples. At the same time, the instrument also uses sample refractive index measurement technology, automatic centering technology, anti dry burning ultrasonic dispersion technology, SOP technology, high power polarized light technology, etc., which further improves its repeatability, accuracy and resolution. Therefore, Haixin's laser particle size detection covers a wide range and ensures the data accurate. Compared with the previous laser particle size analyzer (gsl-101b Ⅱ), the data is more authoritative. The former laser particle size analyzer uses ultrasonic vibration mode, which leads to powder classification and test results have errors.



 28th-30th  Aug 2020, the whole team joined the study of the machine and mastered the skills to serve our clients better



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