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The company was invited to visit the Jinzhou testing centre




On September 1, 2020, the day is clear and sunny. On behalf of the company's general manager, Mr. Zhang Hongtao, vice president of Taihe District Metallurgical Industry Association, Mr. Yan chunduo visited Jinzhou National Inspection Center and Jinzhou inspection and testing certification center. As the vice president unit of Taihe Metallurgical Association, our unit actively participates in various activities organized by the association and put forward constructive suggestions for the association. After the visit, the Federation of industry and Commerce of Taihe District of Jinzhou City, the metallurgical industry association of Taihe District of Jinzhou City, and the inspection and testing certification center of Jinzhou City jointly signed the cooperation framework agreement. The picture shows Yan chunduo, vice president of our company, participating in the signing ceremony of cooperation framework agreement organized by the association and the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute!

The company will carry out in-depth cooperation with Jinzhou inspection and testing certification center in many aspects, strengthens the construction of quality working mechanism, jointly promote the quality, promote the strategic development of enterprises, and promote the quality and efficiency improvement of our company. As the vice president unit, we must keep in mind the mission and original intention, actively promote the development of the association and seek the well-being of the enterprise!