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High purity titanium hydride supplied at the lowest price in Haixin Market


Haixin metal has 20 years of professional production experience, has a production line specializing in the production of hydrogenated materials, with hydrogenation core technology and high-quality production team, monthly production capacity of 5 tons, spot sales, support customization. The titanium hydride powder produced by Haixin has made technical connection with the foam aluminum, molybdenum plug, target material, catalytic material, metal ceramic seal and other fields. It has opened up batch cooperation and can achieve the best quality and lowest market price.


In the future, Haixin metal will continue to aggregate the R & D strength of enterprises, build a joint innovation mechanism of industry, University and research, and expect Haixin metal to establish good cooperative relations with more industries and scientific research institutes, and jointly promote the transformation of enterprise R & D achievements and industrial technological progress.


The following are the properties of Haixin titanium hydride


Chinese Name: titanium hydride; titanium hydride


English Name: titanium hydride


CAS No.: 7704-98-5


Melting point: 400


Water solubility: insoluble in water


Density: 3.91g/cm3


Appearance: dark gray powder or crystal


Chemical formula: TiH2


Molecular weight: 49.89


Titanium hydride (TiH2) is a metal hydride formed by titanium and hydrogen. It is active in chemical properties and needs to be kept away from high temperature and strong oxidant. Because it is stable in air, it can also be used to prepare hydrogen and titanium hydroxide. It can be obtained by the direct reaction of hydrogen with titanium. When the temperature is above 300 , the metal titanium can absorb hydrogen reversibly and form a compound with chemical formula TiH2. If heated above 1000 , titanium hydride will be completely decomposed into titanium and hydrogen. When the temperature is high enough, the titanium hydrogen alloy is in equilibrium with hydrogen, and the partial pressure of hydrogen is a function of hydrogen content and temperature in the metal. Titanium hydride also has complex hydrogen deficient phases with variable composition and different ti-h spacing. These hydrogen deficient phases have been widely studied in recent years because they can be used to make buffers, reflectors or high-temperature protective equipment, and may also be used in mobile nuclear reactors.


Application of titanium hydride


As an getter in electric vacuum process, it is used as a hydrogen source in the manufacture of foam metal, and can be used as a source of high-purity hydrogen. It can also be used in metal ceramic sealing and powder metallurgy to supply titanium to alloy powder. Titanium dihydrogen is very brittle, so it can be used to make powder titanium. It is also used for welding. Titanium dihydrogen decomposes when heated, and precipitates new ecological hydrogen and metal titanium. The latter can promote welding and increase weld strength. It can be used as catalyst for polymerization.