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Haixin silicon hexaborate material put into production in international material Market


In September 2020, Haixin successfully exported 1 ton of silicon hexaborate. Haixin produced silicon hexaborate. The reduction process of non boron carbide and silicon oxide was sintered from high-purity boron powder and high-purity silicon powder. The alloying degree was more than 99%, and the particle size D50 was 2.040 μ M. With the improvement of material purity and refinement of particle size, the silicon hexaborate produced by Haixin has been successfully applied to the photovoltaic field to replace high-purity boron powder. Under the same performance state, it can reduce costs and save resources, and supply to the international material market in batches. Its reputation and quality have been recognized by the international market. The project is also one belt, one road, which is actively responding to the development policy of "one belt and one road", deepening international market development, and keeping pace with the strategic customers' global supporting needs. It expects the new strategic layout to add new momentum to the further development of global photovoltaic industry.

Relying on the company's professional advantages in new material technology research and development and automation process design, and based on the development idea of "steady growth of main products, rapid expansion of new projects and stable market", in 2020, Zhang Hongtao led all colleagues of Lingjiang Haixin to forge ahead, promote the performance optimization of new products, and make positive contributions to the promotion of industrial technology progress and the revitalization of local economic development.

Properties of silicon hexaborate products: